heirlooms (1)


For singing cellist and fixed media with film

Program notes:

You are in a small room with a friend. As you sit across from each other and talk, their voice is familiar—it’s a voice you’ve heard speak thousands of words over many years. The room is comfortable. The walls are the same color they’ve always been; the carpet is soft on your feet; the box on the shelf holds the heirlooms that are physical manifestations of good memories and friendship and family.

“heirlooms” was written for my dear friend Matt Magerkurth who I met when we were 15- and 16-years old at a summer composition workshop in Kansas City. This piece would not exist without our friendship. As I wrote this piece, I would pretend I was in that small room with Matt and his cello. This piece is what it felt like in that room.

Premiered at Bowling Green State University on March 24, 2018.

Please contact me if you are interested in performing this work.

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