Clarinet and piano

Program notes:

In many ways, “cross-stitchings” exists like jagged quilt squares: repetition, deviation, the fabric is bunched up in places, but all the material is held together by a single thread. In this case, the single thread is a chord progression that is presented in its most pure form at the end of the piece. Although the form of “cross-stitchings” is quite simple—a cycling bass line is woven between shifting piano textures and arpeggiated clarinet lines—the music is driven forward by the changing pulse and constant play between musicians.

Recorded live at Bowling Green State University on March 24, 2018.


March 24, 2018: Bowling Green State University

December 21, 2017: Dots, Lines, and Zigzags by kla (Dorothy Chan and Carlos Cordeiro)

Please contact me if you are interested in performing this work.

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