Cera Alba

Pierrot ensemble (flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, viola, cello, and piano)

Program notes:

The fundamental concept for Cera Alba was derived from a Gabriel Orozco sculpture I saw at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. The sculpture, Roiseau 5, is an airy mobile of bamboo and feathers alluding to the Greek myth of Icarus and his disassembled wings. While the music eventually evolved from my initial thoughts, it retained moments of delicacy and moments of weightlessness as a result of the Orozco sculpture. The title, Cera Alba, is another name for beeswax, the substance that held the feathers of Icarus’s wings and melted when he flew too close to the sun.

Recording information:

Recorded Spring 2016.

Hong-Da Chin, flute/piccolo
Gunnar Hirthe, clarinet/bass clarinet
Kalindi Bellach, viola
Aleks Tengesdal, cello
Sephanie Titus, piano

Please contact me if you are interested in performing this work.

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